Azaadi March Is A Struggle By Two Desperate Politicians To Regain Power

Azaadi March Is A Struggle By Two Desperate Politicians To Regain Power
Yashfeen Jamal writes about Maulana Fazlur Rehman's long march and how the support by some political parties to the anti-government protest is ironic. 

I hereby solemnly declare that PTI is the best thing that has ever happened to our country. It’s important to make this statement in the beginning, as normally PTI supporters have a short attention span, and on average don’t read more than twelve words a day. This would potentially save me a lot of nasty tweets from Senator Tony Booker Virk and his followers.

So, what does the political landscape look like today? Our PM is an international celebrity, who is faced with serious issues at home, which over time are kind of spiraling out of control. But who cares. The man is handsome, and he told us not to worry.

That, in my opinion, should be enough for people to go about their lives, but we as a nation are an ungrateful lot, who would never truly appreciate what we have been blessed with. People should be clear that it’s not the government, but it’s us as citizens, who are the real problem.

Haven’t you all noticed we are impatient, whiny, demanding and are never easily satisfied with what we have? In Naya Pakistan, one should keep it simple, don’t expect anything from the government, and you probably won’t end up being disappointed.

The haters would say that Khan sahab is not doing a good job. Has the man not put forth what the world is calling a ‘dream team’? Who in their right minds can deny the achievements and abilities of Ms. Zartaj Gul, Ali Amin Gandapur, and Shehryar Afridi who is always telling people, “Main Ne Jaan Allah ko Deni Hai”.  Mr. Science and Technology, the minister who has given up on life itself, and doesn’t really want to work anymore, the Minister for Derailment, and above all, the gift that keeps on giving – CM Buzdar. But despite this, are people at this time willing to come out on the streets and join a mass protest?

It doesn’t matter what we think, Maulana Fazlur Rehman is convinced that this is the right time for a movement against the government.  I have always admired Maulana and his politics – the man who, over the years, has perfected the art of carving out a space in the government for himself, no matter who was at the helm. Maulana has played a masterstroke by announcing the march.  He has placed all the mainstream political parties on notice, and in an awkward position.

Now if a political party doesn’t support him, they would be seen as being soft on the government, and if they join him, they would be walking behind a man who is hell bent on bringing the current government down. But can also at any time leave them high and dry for the Chairmanship of Kashmir Committee and a house in the Minister’s Enclave.

Also imagine how progressive parties such as PPP and ANP would support a movement which would use religion to drive Maulana’s political agenda forward. Nawaz Sharif, during his recent court appearance, had voiced his unconditional support for Maulana and he put forth his best aide – Captain Pakistan. Captain Pakistan is now the tip of the spear for Mian sahab, and has emerged as his most trusted advisor. The Captain in all his wisdom, (the Supreme Leader really needs to consider the intake policy of his institution) said things while talking to reporters which were incoherent, weird and quite frankly didn’t even make sense, and we are also well aware of his religious views.

Nonetheless, I guess we would have to put up with him for the time being – till Mariam is out. So why is Mian sahab willing to go all-out to support Maulana and possibly bring down the entire system? To understand it please Google, Muslim, Sunni, Trader, Central Punjab and Bloated Sense of Entitlement to understand Mian sahab’s state of mind. He was propped up by the military to take on the PPP, and is so used to being in power with the help of the establishment, that he is having a really difficult time comprehending the current situation.

He is having what some refer to as withdrawal symptoms. He fell in love with the establishment, whose affections now lie elsewhere, and this is killing Mian sahab.

Note to those who are trying to portray Mian sahab as a reformed man, please call Hussain Haqqani and ask him who was standing in a black coat in the Supreme Court arguing that the memo scandal be investigated. Please recall Mian sahab’s reaction when former PM Gillani was sacked by the Supreme Court on contempt. And this isn’t the distant past – this all happened a few years ago. So perhaps we can all be spared the ‘reformed man’ lectures.

The bitter truth is that this Azadi march is a power struggle being led by two people who are not used to being out of power. Their sense of entitlement is so great, that they can’t even imagine the system operating and running without them at the center. Improbable, but for a minute let’s assume that Maulana sahab is successful in getting rid of the government with help from N-league and the Supreme Leader steps in to control the situation.

Mark my words: Maulana would be sitting in the Supreme Leader’s cabinet willing to allow him to rule in uniform for years to come, and Mian sahab and Zardari sahab would still be in jail. So, I don’t know about you, but despite all his problems, I would rather have Khan sahab as PM, than support a desperate Maulana trying to get back into power through a religiously charged mob.



The writer is a broadcast journalist based in Islamabad.