Beggars In UK Are Richer Than Average Citizen: Man Who Faked Being One Reveals

Beggars In UK Are Richer Than Average Citizen: Man Who Faked Being One Reveals
A study in the United Kingdom has revealed that beggars in the country are richer and earn more than majority of the ordinary citizens in the country.

A British Navy Officer Ed Stafford faked being a beggar and made shocking claims about his stay with some of the beggars in the UK. The officer was given an undercover task to keep an eye on suspicious activities of beggars in the country.

The officer spent time with beggars in London, Manchester and Glasgow. He revealed that there is a mafia working in the group that spies on the citizens and is involved in drug dealing.

He revealed that a beggar earns way more than an average citizen. One of the beggars he came across earns 6,000 Pounds monthly, without having to spend much on food too. Their monthly earnings are mostly used on drugs and alcohol.

In 2018, police in the UK revealed that all of the beggars in the country were fraudsters earnings thousands of pounds every year. Police also urged the citizens to stop providing them with money and instead provide hot food and drinks if needed.

The police also requested citizens to send donations to registered charities.

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