Saba Qamar Takes On Toxic Rishta Culture In Latest Video

Outspoken TV actor Saba Qamar has once again targeted social stigmas and taboos, this time thrashing the 'rishta brigade' in her usual witty yet straightforward style.

"Regardless of what sort of a junkie a man is, his family seeks a khandani daughter-in-law to marry him with," she quipped in her latest YouTube video in a humorous interview format. "Someone ask such people, how khandani is your own son."

She also spoke about how the behavior of those seeking a daughter-in-law remains indifferent, regardless of their class or background.

"There are two types of rishta seekers, one who are conservatives, and others, who are liberals, but both want a maid under the guise of a daughter-in-law."

Saba went on to add, "if she's not well educated, she has to work inside of the house and, if well educated, she is expected to work outside of the house."

The actor narrated how a woman in every such household pressurises the girl for a male child and blackmails her emotionally. "But if a girl is born, the same woman begins to say that she wanted a grandson instead."

Saba then spoke in a decisive manner, "I want to marry for myself, not for other people. Do marry but don't do karobaar [in the guise of marriage]."