Customs Seized Goods Worth Rs440mn At Torkham In November


The Customs authorities seized a huge cache of non-duty paid goods worth Rs440 million at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Torkham Border last month.

Smuggling at Torkham Border is rampant with Afghan transit goods being sold in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on low prices. These goods are termed as non-duty paid goods. These goods are transported to other provinces for sale in local markets which are often caught by Customs authorities.

Customs Collector Asif Saeed Khan said that the Customs authorities seized smuggled goods worth Rs440 million. He added that the number was even bigger in October during which smuggled goods worth Rs 540 million were seized by Customs authorities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Customs collector stated that Afghanistan-Pakistan trade and transit routes have been used for massive smuggling, which has affected local manufacturers.

He added that mutual trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan had increased from Rs 1.2 billion to Rs 3 billion, but it could further increase if smuggling was routed out completely; up to Rs 5 billion.

Asif Saeed Khan further told that there were nine anti-smuggling units in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa between the Torkham Border and the boundaries of other provinces.

He added that Frontiers Corps and Pakistan Rangers had been empowered to check any suspicious attempt of smuggling.

The Customs collector added that there was a customs station at Torkham border and other high-risk areas near the border. He further revealed that dozens of Customs sepoys were martyred in line of duty.

The Customs House Peshawar consisted of different collectorates including the Customs Collectorate of Appraisement, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, Directorate of Pak-Afghan Trade and Transit and Customs Tribunal Courts.

Pakistan Customs is a leading agency in the war against smuggling which recovers billions of rupees through anti-smuggling operations each year.

Asif Saeed Khan said that after customs has been provided with technical support at Pak-Afghan border in order to thwart possible attempts of smuggling.

He further praised the government’s initiative to fence the Pak-Afghan border, which has helped Customs curb smuggling and carry out preventive operations which would increase the revenue generated through seizures in the future.