Pakistan’s Dismal Women Rights Track Record Should Be The Biggest Concern Of Govt Today

Pakistan is dealing with numerous social issues ranging from socio-economic to socio-political. Among them all, the increasingly alarming scenario of domestic violence rendered towards females is probably the most endemic.

Domestic violence means not only physical abuse, but verbal and psychological too. In Pakistan, domestic violence is recorded somewhere between 21-50%. Moreover, Gender Discrimination Index ranked Pakistan amongst worst countries for women.

This increasing social evil is borne by both married and unmarried women. The former undergo bitter physical abuse by their husbands and family members on petty and baseless issues. A recent example of Asma is worth mentioning who suffered from violence. Moreover, wrong interpretation of religion, dowry system and some disturbing cultural norms are adding fuel to fire.

Likewise, unmarried women undergo other severe abuses. Different stories reported in the media in recent months are painful to recall. It is unfortunate to note that according to Reuters survey, Pakistan is ranked 3rd, after Afghanistan and Democratic Republic of Congo, in the list of most dangerous countries for women.

It is need of the hour that the laws are implemented and social awareness is increased through social media, research, development programs, awareness campaigns etc. Recruiting women in civil services, government departments and ensuring security to them is essential. Such measures, if implemented effectively, can control the horrendous crime of domestic violence in Pakistan.

The author is a broadcast journalist and producer at Hum News. He's been working as journalist since 2011.