Saba Qamar And Sarmad Khoosat Collaborate In Upcoming Film ‘Kamli’

Saba Qamar And Sarmad Khoosat Collaborate In Upcoming Film ‘Kamli’
Saba Qamar publicly announced her lead role in the upcoming film with Director Sarmad Khoosat, coming out in 2020. This is the second collaboration after her brief appearance in Manto.

This is an exciting joint project, preparing the Pakistani audience for an atypical movie because both actors have the habit of taking on experimental and socially important roles and productions.

With the filming to start in October, this movie is expected to substantially contribute towards increasing the quality of the Pakistani film industry.

Saba Qamar’s two recent roles are that of Kanwal Baloch in Baaghi and Mannat in Cheekh. Other than investing herself into Qandeel Baloch’s character, her role in Cheekh was that of a strong woman pursuing justice on behalf of a deceased rape victim despite the intense social backlash. These choices show that Saba Qamar is eager to go beyond the typical ‘naik parween’ female leads.

As stated by her, ‘We are facing so many issues; there are so many things we need to talk about and that is why I take up such characters in serials like Cheekh and Baaghi.’ She admitted that it was hard to portray these complex roles, but ‘…we need to talk about these issues. We are facing them and if we don’t raise our voice who will? Now is the time to speak.’

Sarmad Khoosat also doesn’t need any introduction. Directing popular hits like Humsafar, and bolder projects like Manto and Aakhri Station, he’s one of the most important creative presences in the Pakistani industry.  Last year, he took on the most challenging role of his career, playing Prisoner X in a 24-hour long live-streamed performance as a death row prisoner in No Time To Sleep.

‘Kamli’ is bound to be a show-stopper, forcing us to think beyond our cultural limits. This is a movie that we can’t wait to watch.


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