MTK Global MMA, UFC And Fight Business: In Conversation With Top MMA Manager Muhammad Rizvan Ali

MTK Global MMA, UFC And Fight Business: In Conversation With Top MMA Manager Muhammad Rizvan Ali
Growing up in Rahim Yar Khan, Muhammad Rizvan Ali always dreamed of becoming a wrestler, but with the passage of time, adopted a more all-around approach and entered into the world of martial arts and the mixed martial arts (MMA). After training a few years in his native city, he went to Lahore to pursue his dream. There, he met and trained under Pakistan’s MMA Godfather Bashir Ahmed at Synergy, and then overseas in Thailand to sharpen his metal.

Rizvan Ali, Bashir Ahmed and Abdul Mateen cornering a fellow fighter during a local MMA event.

Rizvan competed in several Jiu-Jitsu competitions before an injury made him quit. Declared medically unfit to fight, Rizvan was disappointed but hope was not out. Combat Sports is Rizvan’s passion and he wanted to hold on to the sport one way or another. Therefore, he entered the world of MMA management, knowing very little of what he’d achieve in a very small amount of time.

“When I started my career as an MMA manager, I knew little of what I needed to do. But thanks to my brother Faizan Fayyaz and others, who not only taught me the art of management and valued my talents but supported me through thick and thin,” said Rizvan, who now manages some of the best fighters from Pakistan and around the world.

Synergy chief and MMA pioneer Bashir Ahmed describes Rizvan as a ‘workhorse’, and the 25-year-old is living up to the hype. His persistent efforts have reaped great fruit as Rizvan Ali recently joined MTK Global MMA, one of the world’s top management companies, as the head of South Asia and the Middle East.

Rizvan alongside MMA pioneer Bashir Ahmed.

“MTK MMA has opened countless avenues for me. Marcelo Brigadeiro is THE MAN in this industry and we are together now. Now we can put good athletes with a great record in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC),” Rizvan said, adding that Marcelo’s praise and trust in the young manager from Pakistan mean the world to him.

MTK Global MMA welcomes Pakistan's Rizvan Ali.

Rizvan constantly remains in touch with some of the world’s top MMA promotions including ONE Championship and BRAVE Combat Federation to pave way for Pakistan’s ultra-talented MMA fighters, but he still believes that to be the best is to offer sacrifices. One who makes sacrifices is guaranteed success.

“Pakistan has a super-talented MMA pool, but all champions have to walk extra miles. You won’t become Khabib if you are not willing to offer sacrifices. To fight with the best, out fighters should train in Thailand, Brazil, Dagestan or places like these. The more the sacrifices, the better the chances of success.”

The young Pakistani manager with his international friends and clients.

“Next few years are going to be both crucial and great,” Rizvan said about Pakistan’s MMA industry, but same goes for him too. With a lead role at MTK Global MMA Middle East and South Asia, Rizvan’s chances of making it to the UFC are greater than ever, and given that he makes it to the top of the ladder, he’d be among the very few who get to do it.