PM Imran Rejects Punjab Govt's Recommendation To Impose Lockdown

PM Imran Rejects Punjab Govt's Recommendation To Impose Lockdown
Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again refused to impose a complete lockdown during his visit to the Lahore to assess the coronavirus situation in the province. Khan held meetings with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and other officials of the provincial government.

Addressing a presser in Lahore on Saturday, he emphasized the importance of wearing masks as a basic necessity to overcome the spread of coronavirus because Pakistan being a poor nation cannot proceed with a lockdown.

He said that developed countries like the United States and its biggest state, New York had announced that they're going bankrupt and will have to restart the economy sooner than they would like. Imran Khan said, "I presented Pakistan with the idea of a selective lockdown because that is the only way for a developing nation to deal with the virus. We open up businesses but also implement the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)."

The PM also reminded, “Our country could not bear consequences of lockdown as 25 percent of the population lives below the poverty line,” while he also focused on the importance of following the SOPs strictly.

He said that the shortfall in the government revenue for the year is due to the coronavirus situation.

Imran Khan also said that July might be a tougher time for the nation but it can be made easier if the public wears masks as it has been proved scientifically that the usage of masks reduces the risk of contagion by 50%.

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