Pakistan Army Launches Investigation Into Cyberattack By Indian Spy Network

The Pakistan Army has launched a probe after the intelligence agencies unearthed 'a major cyberattack by hostile Indian spy networks targeting military and government officials'.

“Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have identified a major cyberattack by Indian intelligence agencies involving a range of cybercrimes, including deceitful fabrication by hacking personal mobiles and technical gadgets of government officials and military personnel,” the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.

According to Dawn, the ISPR said the targets of the attack were being investigated. Action, the military’s media affairs wing said, was also being taken against those found guilty of violating the official standard operating procedures (SOPs) on cyber security.

The ISPR in its statement said the army had enhanced necessary measures to thwart such activities. “Advisory is also being sent to all government departments/institutions for identifying lapses and enhancing respective cyber security measures,” it added.

The newspaper reported an expert saying that the attack 'looked very much similar to a Russian surveillance attack in May last year'.