‘Joker’ Coming To Pakistani Cinemas On October 4

‘Joker’ Coming To Pakistani Cinemas On October 4
Joker is all-ready to be displayed on Pakistani cinemas to an excited audience on October 4. The movie recently won the award for The Best Film at The Venice Film Festival in September.

For the first time in cinematic history, the origin story of Joker is explored in this movie. Batman fans have always been awed by Joker’s incomprehensible chaotic havoc. Producing a strange scary and comical response amongst the audience at his devastatingly evil schemes, this movie gives us a chance to understand his origin story.

Jaoquin Pheonix, playing Joker, gave a stellar performance. Critics claim that he might win his first Oscar because of his riveting, unique performance. AV Club stated, “As always, he commits inside and out to the role, the psychology of his character—sad and damaged and inevitably frightening, in this case—written across every movement, conveyed through the thrust of a frame as bony as Freddie Quell’s"

They further stated that Joker may be the first ripped-from-the-comics spectacle that’s also, essentially, a one-man show: The only special effects are Phoenix’s malleable body and expressive face. "He threads an uncanny needle, bringing a detail-oriented naturalism to the part—his Joker is wholly different from any past incarnation.”, they added.

The story follows Arthur Fleck, who later becomes Joker, a mentally ill clown who has a neurological disease whereby which he laughs uncontrollably at unseemly moments. Bullied all his life, and downtrodden by society, Fleck’s dream to become a comedian is squashed by society’s cut throat dismissiveness.

Rejected by society, rage and disillusionment festers inside him. The movie details the process of him becoming Gotham’s worst nightmare.

Eagerly awaiting the movie, we should try watching it with the intention of understanding Joker. We should be critically aware of whether Joker is portrayed as just another villain who’s evil because he’s mentally ill, since this stereotype boxes and negatively portrays mental illnesses. With an open mind, we should observe whether Arthur Fleck’s transition to Joker makes enough sense.

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