Acid Attack A ‘Bigger Crime Than Murder’, Deserves No Lenience: CJP Khosa

Acid Attack A ‘Bigger Crime Than Murder’, Deserves No Lenience: CJP Khosa
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday ruled that there would not be any mercy for acid attack offenders. The apex court dismissed the mercy plea of a convict despite his claim that he had been forgiven by his victim.

According to The Express Tribune, the apex court maintained that the heinous act was a bigger crime than murder. The three-member bench of the top court was hearing a plea of convict Javed Iqbal who was sentenced for throwing acid on a woman.

Iqbal's counsel pleaded before the court that the woman in question had forgiven Iqbal, therefore, the court should also consider Iqbal's plea.

In response, Justice Khosa remarked that the woman could have been coerced into “forgiving” the offender.

“No matter if the victim has pardoned the convict, there can be no compromise in such cases and the law cannot forgive an acid attacker,” he observed. “Acid attackers don’t deserve any mercy.”

The judge further noted that burning someone with acid is extreme cruelty.

Acid attacks have been quite prevalent in Pakistan. Such attacks largely constitute family members or distant relatives who attack women primarily for marriage refusal, honor and other domestic disputes.

Many such cases are rather not reported by the women due to social stigma, complicated legal processes, financial constraints, lack of family support, etc.

In such cases, perpetrators usually go free. The heinous crime in question is considered to be the worst form of gender violence.

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