Afghanistan Says Won't Handover ISIS-Khorasan Leader To Pakistan

Afghanistan Says Won't Handover ISIS-Khorasan Leader To Pakistan
Afghanistan has denied Pakistan's request to handover the Islamic State (IS) leader, Aslam Farooqi, actively functioning from the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP), saying that he will have to pay for his crimes in the native country.

Afghan Foreign Ministry said that Farooqi was involved in countless anti-state activities in Afghanistan, and having killed hundreds of Afghans, he was bound to go through the native country's trial.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) announced on April 4 that they had arrested Abdullah Orakzai, whose actual name is Abdullah Orakzai, from the Kandahar province.

Pakistan claims that since the militant leader has been involved in terrorist activities that effect Pakistan, he should be punishable by the Pakistani rule of law.

ISKP also took the responsibility of the recent attack on the Gurdwara in Kabul which caused a lot of killings.

It was not clear under what circumstances Aslam Farooqi was arrested, though the group claimed he himself surrendered to the Afghan authorities.

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