Exercise Makes You Happier Than Having Money, A Research Reveals

Exercise Makes You Happier Than Having Money, A Research Reveals
According to research conducted at Yale and Oxford, exercise has proved out to be much more beneficial for mental health than one's financial status and economic background.

In an article titled, "Exercise makes you happier than having money, according to Yale and Oxford research" published on the World Economic Forum website. The scientists in the said study found out while those who exercised regularly tended to feel bad for around 18 days a year, non-active participants felt bad for 35 days more on average.

The team also noticed that certain sports that involve socializing can have more of a positive effect on your mental health than others.

The study was published in the Lancet where scientists collected data about the physical behavior and mental mood of over 1.2 million Americans.

Participants were asked a variety of questions based on mental illness, physical activities and income. The researchers found that physically active people feel just as good as those who don't do sports, but who earn around $25,000 more a year.

There was no direct correlation between the more sports one does, the happier the participant might be however one has to earn quite a lot more for earnings to give the same happiness-boosting effect sport has.

"The relationship between sport duration and mental load is U-shaped," said study author Adam Chekroud of Yale University in an interview with Die Welt.

The study noted that physical activity only contributes to better mental well-being when it falls within a certain time frame.

As per the study, 30 to 60 minutes of training sessions, at least three to five a week are ideal for a healthy lifestyle.


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