Messi's free-kick double against Espanyol has got people talking

Messi's free-kick double against Espanyol has got people talking
Barcelona captain Lionel Messi scored a couple of stunning free-kicks against arch-rivals Espanyol and people can’t stop praising him.

It has not really come as a surprise to anyone because Messi does supernatural stuff every now and then, but this coming after he was ranked 5th for the Balon d’Or has made it more talk-worthy.

Messi, who ended up top three for the Ballon d’Or award and won it 5 times over the past decade, was ranked 5th this time and people are still finding it hard to understand.

Lionel Messi poses with his 5 Balon d'Ors

It is understandable because Messi had scored 40 odd goals last season, had more than half a dozen assists and won a domestic double, which still was not enough.

Image result for What? gif

Anyway, back to the Argentine’s latest piece of masterclass.

Let’s have a look at his first free-kick first. Sublime:

And here is the second one:

It surely is not normal for anyone to have such accuracy when it comes to free-kicks, and scoring two free-kicks in a single match is not what we normally see.

That is also true that Lionel Messi is not a normal footballer either, he is outrageously good and he shows it why.

Here’s how Messi’s free-kick looks from the stands:

So much so that when Messi plays, he becomes the talk of the town.

Do people actually believe Messi is not the best player in the world?

‘Simply the best in the world’

Name another footballer who is good absolutely everywhere on the pitch, I will wait

Feelings are mutual, Delle Ali.

All he ever cares about is playing football


And his reaction to scoring more free-kicks than most European clubs? ‘I am happy’

Barcelona are top of the league with a thin margin of 3 points in 15 games in Spanish league and will have to continue their good run to defend their title.

The responsibility is bigger on Messi in Spain and in Europe as he has to lead his team from the front as the captain.

Nonetheless, if Messi keeps performaning like this, Barcelona would not have to put much effort in winning the treble they aim.

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