SC Rejects Petition Asking For Halt On US Drones

SC Rejects Petition Asking For Halt On US Drones
Upholding a previous verdict of the Peshawar High Court (PHC), the Supreme Court has dismissed a petition asking for halt on the United States (US) drone strikes in Pakistan's territory.

A three-member bench headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa dismissed the petition saying that such matters were overseen by the government.

The petitioner said that innocent people were dying to the drone strike, to which Asif Khosa said that the strikes had stopped. The apex court further said that the Ministry of Defence can reach out to the US over the matter and that the SC cannot ask the US to 'end strikes'.

The PHC had earlier forwarded the issue to the defence ministry.

A petition had been filed in the SC by Raja Saad Sultan challenging the decision of the PHC for stopping of US-led drone strikes.

The last suspected US drone strike in Pakistan occurred in December 2017 along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

In January 2018, a diplomatic row broke out between the US and Pakistan. The former claimed that it had hit key commanders of the Haqqani network via the drone strikes, but Pakistan maintained that the strikes targeted an Afghan refugee camp.

The US rejected Pakistan's version, but Pakistan later gave another rebuttal. This time, the armed forces gave more insight into the drone strike.

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