The Road To Peace: Diplomacy Is The Only Way Forward

The Road To Peace: Diplomacy Is The Only Way Forward
In international relations there is no permanent friend or enemy, only national interests are supreme and constant. But at the same time, national interest cannot be achieved by mutual destruction or with collective suicide in the presence of chemical, biological and the weapons of mass destruction.

Keeping in view this perspective, the former U.S President Donald Trump and President Kim of North Korea had also realized to avoid escalation in the Korean Peninsula. They decided to give peace a chance through diplomacy. The whole civilized world appreciated the move of both leaders.

Now the stage has already been set for the peaceful settlement of all international disputes including the Palestine and Kashmir Issue.

In 2017, perhaps the world was almost ready for another “Nuclear Conflict” between United States and North Korea. But on 12th June, 2018, the former U.S President Donald Trump and President Kim met in Singapore and played a vital and effective role in de-escalating the situation in the Korean peninsula and gave the world a new hope for peace, harmony and reconciliation.

At first, diplomatic talks started directly between United States and North Korea, then in stage two negotiations held between North Korea and South Korea. A final round of talks was held between China and United States. Now the world leaders have realized that diplomacy is the only way forward to settle all the outstanding international and regional disputes.

The former U.S president had already shown his strong commitment to resolve the Afghan, Syrian and North Korean crisis through diplomatic channels. Although there were intelligence reports that North Korea had not ended its nuclear program. The South Korean President Moon Jae-in played a vital and effective role in normalising the situation in the Korean pennsula realizing that the people of both North and South Korea had already suffered a lot since 1954.

The South Korean president had not only believed in the de-escalation of the situaion in the region but even talked about the possible unification of both North and South Korea. He focused on the “Nuclear free Korean Peninsula” and Kim’s sister also played a vital role in defusing the regional situation.

Due to these diplomatic developments the whole civilized world witnessed a great moment. In the winter Olympics of 2018, both North and South Korean players had shown solidarity under one banner.

China had also played an important role in “North Korean Nuclear Crisis” as a regional and global actor in engaging North Korea. Although Chinese regime was well informed about the deteriorating economic conditions of North Korean ally, even then China voted in favour of the sanctions against North Korea in Security Council.

Now in South Asian regional perspective, its time for both India and Pakistan to initiate a dialogue and settle all the outstanding issues including the core issue of Kashmir through bi-lateral, tri-lateral or multi-lateral diplomacy.

No doubt, Kashmir is another “Nuclear Flash Point” between India and Pakistan. Now is the time for the International community to facilitate dialogue process between the two nations. In the presence of conventional and non conventional capabilites of Pakistan, war will no more be a right option for India as well.

It’s also very much true that the people of Pakistan have suffered a lot due to terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism.  Pakistan played a vital and effective role as a front line state against “war on terror” and our security forces have given their precious lives for the international peace, and stability.

The international community should redefine and differentiate between the individual act of terrorism and the terrorism organized and sponsored by the modern civilized states against the innocent people of the occupied land.

After World War-2, the civilized world had formed Nuremberg and Tokyo trials for the extreme human rights violations and atrocities committed by the axis forces (Axis states). Now again its high time for similar code for human rights violations against the innocent Kashmiri people.

Both nations should stop blame game because it will not serve the interests of anyone but warmongers.

Now, India and Pakistan should start a “dialogue” on all the outstanding issues including the core issue of kashmir. They should settle all the disputes by peaceful means and diplomacy so that the actual war against poverty, nepotism, corruption, black marketing and hoarding be started. The dream of good governance, and the fruits of democracy must be enjoyed by the people of both nations in a peaceful manner.

The recent ceasefire on line of control has given a new hope to the people of both countries. Only India and Pakistan can change the future discourse of Nuclear South Asia.