Starstruck Films Announces Principal Cast Of Upcoming Hollywood Feature Film “The Window”

Starstruck Films Announces Principal Cast Of Upcoming Hollywood Feature Film “The Window”

Kanza Zia and Ammar Lasani, the co-founders of Islamabad-based Starstruck Films announced the principal cast and casting director of their upcoming feature film, The Window, on April 01, 2020.

“I am thrilled to announce that Suhaee Abro, Rubya Chaudhury, Tahir Hussain, Sami Khan, Angeline Malik, Faysal Qureshi, Hameed Sheikh, and Faran Tahir will play important characters in the upcoming feature film, The Window,” said Kanza Zia. “Since the narrative of The Window is largely driven by its characters, proper casting was crucial."

"We are happy that a truly wonderful cast has been assembled for the film.”

The Window is the first Hollywood feature film to be completely shot in Pakistan,” announced Ammar Lasani. “The film is a collaboration between Starstruck Films and California-based Three Feather Pictures and has been registered with Screen Actors Guild (SAG).”

"Celebrated writer and cultural commentator, Ally Adnan, worked as the casting director for The Window,” added Kanza Zia. “Ally had been involved in the development of the story for The Window, right from the beginning, and had a deep understanding of the film’s characters, story and themes," she said.

"Since we were making a film to international standards, we needed an individual with a deep understanding of cinema and solid knowledge of the show business industry, to work in the capacity of the casting director, and Ally was the best choice. He led casting discussions, identified the right actors, and facilitated auditions, meetings, and readings. He ensured that no compromise was made during the casting process and the best actors were cast for all roles in the film.”

The Window tells the story of an abused woman and deals with themes of revenge, intolerance and abuse,” stated Ally Adnan. “It is an art film with a number of powerful characters who have a lot of substance, depth, and nuances. It was, therefore, critical to find the best actors to play the well-written roles. I worked closely with Kanza and Ammar to make sure that that we cast the right actors to play all the characters in The Window. We were looking for professionals who were not only talented but who also shared our passion for quality, world-class cinema. I am glad to have been able to help the filmmakers get the right actors on board for the film.”

On the Sets of the The Window

Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia, who wrote the film together with Randy Zuniga, are directing The Window. The film is being produced by Ammar Lasani, Ali Tahir, Faran Tahir, Kanza Zia, and Randy Zuniga. It will be released, all over the world, by the end of the year.