Insects Found In Mineral Water Bottles Of Reputed Company

Insects Found In Mineral Water Bottles Of Reputed Company
ISLAMABAD: Mineral water company Muree Sparkletts, owned by Muree Brewery, has been accused of selling unfit water to customer in market after insects were found in the water bottles.

Two sealed water bottles of the company are available with this scribe in which brown-coloured insects with 6 limbs can be seen. The bottles were purchased from a reputed shop in Islamabad.

Naya Daur contacted the official spokesman of the Muree Brewery Farasat Kazmi who denied these allegations and told that it was not possible that their bottles were contaminated because they have a modern systems and guarantee quality.

It’s pertinent to mention here that the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan last month ordered to all the bottled water companies, including Nestle, to remove faults in their products within 10 days.

While hearing the case of mineral water companies, the SC ordered to make water purification system commonly known as ‘reverse osmosis’ free of all deficiencies.

“Premier Court regretted that the companies have deluded the public in the name of mineral water and extracting billions of rupees from the common men while selling unfit water to,” SC said.

The owner of the shop told Naya Daur that insects and impurities have been found in water bottles but the companies had ensured of amends. The shopkeeper said that it was possible that other competitors were injecting insects in their bottles to tarnish their image but there was no guarantee.

The apex court shutdown a reputed company last year for selling contaminated water to the general public.
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The author is a reporter based in Islamabad.