Honor Killing Suspects Conviction Rate Close To 2%

Honor Killing Suspects Conviction Rate Close To 2%
Loopholes in the legal system, police incompetence, and poor prosecution are the reason that only 2% of the people involved in honour killings are convicted.

In an article, titled, "2% of honor killing suspects convicted", the Express Tribune reported that from across Punjab, 234 cases of honor killing were reported out of which six were withdrawn. As many as 400 out of 439 suspects involved in the 228 cases were arrested, but only 2% of the accused were convicted.

One of the main reasons is reconciliation between the aggrieved party and the accused. Majority of suspects are family members - in most cases, brother, father or cousins - that may be involved in an honor killing.

Once the reconciliation takes place, the culprit goes unpunished. Another important factor is that often the aggrieved party is compelled to reconcile with the accused through social pressure.

Few days ago a father was arrested for killing her own transgender daughter in Peshawar, Pakistan. Maya had left her home and was living with other transgender people when her father attempted to bring her back home. The local police allowed the father to do so on the written assurance that Maya won't be harmed.


“We need to change the law and such matters should be discussed in the provincial and national assemblies, as well as the Senate. Along with the investigation, basic changes are desperately needed in the prosecution department”, Advocate Abdullah Malik told Express Tribune. He said that rights groups have been raising this matter on all available forums."

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