Academic excellence isn't more important than your child's mental health

Academic excellence isn't more important than your child's mental health
It is not wrong to say that future of a nation lies in the hands of youth. Today's students are tomorrow's nation builders.

Every little investment, either intellectual or financial, can yield immeasurable returns and provide a strong and firm foundation for youth to be good leaders as well as good citizens. However, the future is under immense pressure and that is not only the case in Pakistan but all around the world.

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There have been numerous incidents of students committing suicide due to poor grades in exams and parental pressure over the past few decades. It can be observed that parents put a lot of pressure on kids to get top position or high grades in exams.

It is alright for parents to have expectations of their children, but they should also consider dreams and desires of their children too. Students are made to believe since childhood that if they don’t get good grades or achieve certain goals, they will be a failure.

The fear of failing is what mounts unnecessary pressure.

"Performance-linked stress is taking an increasingly heavy toll on students"

Mostly parents justify themselves by saying that "we just want our kids to be happy and successful, so we know what is best for them."

According to prof of psychology Brad Bushman "some parents see their children as an extension of themselves, rather than as separate people with their own hopes and dreams".

To get position students adopt short cuts and illegal ways because the focus is on grades rather than learning. This extreme pressure leads to panic attacks ,burnouts, self-esteem issues. Also, it kills their their creativity.
"Applying the right amount of pressure can mould the raw talent into a reliable and wonderful personality but excess pressure can damage the item and the raw talent would be lost his/her near and dear ones as well as the society" - Gritangali Maria

That is why kids of this age have lost all colours of life and forgotten all little happiness e.g. spending time with parents, going out, playing cricket etc. Parents need guidance and need to change the notion of educational excellence as being the only tool to measure student's efficiency and capability.

"Success is not limited just to grades, it lies in what a kid gains"

Being a father or a mother, it's your foremost duty to make sure that your child doesn't have to go through any kind of academic stress. This is extremely important for children to make the most out of their talents and abilities.

For students who don't have any power or courage to cope with parental pressure, they should talk to a friend or a counselor or a teacher who could help them. Never bottle it up. Try to talk to a trustworthy person because extreme stress of getting high grades can be destructive.