Is Pakistan A Country Of Sexually-Frustrated Youth?

Is Pakistan A Country Of Sexually-Frustrated Youth?
 Even years after trying to unravel the human mind, we still find ourselves standing at the cusp of ambiguity when we try to tackle the pent-up sexual frustration within the mind of a teenager. The quest of making technology even more accessible to our younger generation in Pakistan has led to an alarming upsurge in viewing pornographic content as well.

Viewing such content not only impairs their psyche but also makes them devoid of their morals, giving rise to sexual frustration among them. It starts of from curiosity; clicking that certain link on the internet to explore your sexuality but soon, however, that curiosity morphs into a mental disease when the same teenager gets involved in a sexual crime.

Recently, the internet was shocked when people found out that a kitten had been allegedly gang raped by a 15 year old boy and his friends. Even though a fog of uncertainty still looms around the case and people are still trying to elucidate and define the whole event, the fact that sexual frustration among teenagers is mushrooming within Pakistan cannot be denied. Time and again, we hear of cases of sexual violence – women being raped, children being raped, women being cyber bullied and the list goes on. It’s appalling when we come to realize that a harmless boy could one day turn into a monster. One look at his innocent face and you can not even imagine that behind this masquerade of innocence hides the face of a mentally diseased boy, swept by sexual repression. It is due to these reasons why parents should be weary of what their son is up to.

The very reason why these problems arise is because of how parents neglect their children. When a child is neglected, he tends to segregate himself from reality to try to live in his own world. Sometimes this faux world is often built upon sexual frustration built after being addicted to porn. Porn addiction is in itself a serious concern.

It is certainly not easy to parent a child who is addicted to pornography. With statutory rape on the rise in Pakistan, its makes things very evident that how those youngsters grow up in the end. With cases like that of Zainab Ansari and Kainat Somroo, one should not only just look at the culprit as a man but as that boy who ended up growing as a sexually frustrated individual. Years of this frustration as a young teenager led these men to become rapists in the future.

Teens with so much exposure to pornography are likely getting their earliest sexual experiences this way. Instead of learning about sexuality in real situations, they are gleaning it from the screen and the fantasy world of porn. It gives these young people a distorted idea of what sex, intimacy and love are really like in real-world relationships. This can cause an increase in sexual frustration as the teens become adults. The way in which teens view modern pornography is even more damaging because it is available online instantly. It’s more isolating and can lead more quickly to obsession and addiction. Teens who get obsessed with online porn may feel lonely, ashamed and confused. The intensity of most online porn leads to addiction more readily than old-fashioned print or video materials. This results in the development of morally weak monsters who could do anything to quench their thirst for lust.

With sexual frustration rising, government of Pakistan needs to put Sex Ed in schools from the primary level. It is ridiculous that foreign companies like BHP Billiton, Australia, are coming forward to give children from rural areas sex education and the Government of Pakistan is still shy about the subject. Even parents feel sheepish discussing this issue with their children. There is no authentic source for these children  from where they can gain information about a subject they will have to learn about sooner or later. Most of the cases of rape and sexual assault are not reported because the family of the victim thinks reporting the abuse will bring dishonor to their family.

This education will give guidelines an information about issues related to human sexuality, reproduction and adolescence. This will show young women that they will not have to be embarrassed of their own body. Lessons on conjugal assault will clarify that unwilling marital sex is a crime. Young women will be instructed to shout and fight back if they are touched improperly, in light of the fact that their bodies are possessed by nobody but themselves.

These lessons tell children about their body, and about their sexual health. With information about their bodies and their rights, girls can pick up certainty and strike away sentiments of blame and disgrace pushed onto them by their preservationist man-centric culture. Every teenager should have sex education incorporated into their schooling. It shouldn’t be opt-in or opt-out but mandatory. Why should parents be able to opt their children in or out of a subject that they'll need later in life, one way or another? Sex education should be mandatory, comprehensive, medically accurate, and taught throughout student's school years, just like math. It's been shown to help students, not hurt. Not only is having access to sex education that is not only comprehensive but medically accurate a human right; it's our fundamental duty as a society to educate the next generation. Currently, we are failing.