Muslim School Kids In India Being Bullied, Told To 'Go Back To Pakistan'

Muslim School Kids In India Being Bullied, Told To 'Go Back To Pakistan'
Muslim school kids in India are getting bullied and being told to go back to Pakistan in the wake of recent escalation of tensions between the two countries.

Such bullying is nothing new but it has escalated with the mounting tensions between the two countries and this has alarmed parents.

Parents have blamed hate mongering media for increased discrimination and harassment.

Nazia Erum, author of the book Mothering a Muslim, spoke about it in a Facebook post.

She wrote: "Getting information from various cities that there has been a sharp spike in children being singled out, bullied and being told to 'go to Pakistan'. From my maid, cousins, friends to Twitter acquaintances - everyone reporting this in.

Parents - your responsibility to ensure what your child hears and imbibes at home. Please take time out to sit with your child and have a word on current situation in the country. We were all scared this week.. the children are scared too. Speak with them please.

TV channels - shame on you. Utter shame."

Another Indian social media user wrote: "This is RSS’s dream come true. I weep for you my beloved country."


Another Facebook post read: "Maybe all of us should have an opinion right now. Maybe it's time to show 'them' who is mightier. Maybe we should wear our patriotism on our sleeve. Maybe, a lot of things. But, all of this at what cost?
This week, Muslim parents across cities connected on social media to call out religion-based bullying post Pulwama. If kids feel that being Muslim is synonymous to being Pakistani or anti-national, I really worry for my nation."

The news item originally appeared on ThePrint

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