Petition To Curb CCTV Recording Abuse Filed In LHC

Petition To Curb CCTV Recording Abuse Filed In LHC
A petition to curb the abuse of CCTV recording of citizens has been submitted in the Lahore High Court to guarantee the privacy rights of the citizens of Pakistan.

The petition has been filed by public policy specialist Salman Sufi through Asma Jahangir Legal Aid Cell and the Digital Rights Foundation.

In a post on Twitter, Sufi said that we could not stay silent while our privacy rights eroded and women continued to face blackmail through secretly recorded footage.

The petition calls the court to declare secretly filming, recording or photographing individuals at public and private places without their knowledge and consent as unconstitutional and a breach of privacy.

It also calls for operation of CCTV cameras without a notice regarding the surveillance, and the retention of CCTV footage for an indefinite and unreasonably long time to be declared illegal.

The petition comes three months after couples engaged in intimate acts were filmed in a cinema in Lahore.

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