You Aren't Only Killing Yourself When You Smoke

You Aren't Only Killing Yourself When You Smoke
The terrifying symbols and words printed on cigarette packs are enough to repel those who fear similar consequences. For example, when I see the picture of the rotten lungs or mouth cancer on the cigarette pack, I often think why people don’t see what I see and why do they continue to smoke.

Youth is the future of any nation. A robust youth can bring positive changes in a state or in a family.

In some underdeveloped nations across the world, smoking is on the rise and so are the diseases caused by cigarette smoking. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diseases caused by cigarettes take the biggest toll on the economy. Each year, 6 million people die due to smoking.

10 percent of the 60 million die due to passive smoking.

Globally, 1 billion people smoke and 80 percent of them belong to underdeveloped countries. In Pakistan, India, Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia, the number of smokers is leaping and bounding day by day. Most of the smokers in these regions are youngsters.

Developed countries like Japan and China are also affected by smoking and half of their population consists of smokers. 12 percent of all smokers in the world are women, and approximately 0.1 million youth start smoking every day.

Composition of cigarette and poisonous chemicals

Tobacco: It includes Nicotine which narrows the blood vessels and makes it harder for the heart to pump blood to all parts of the body.

The other deleterious element is Carbon Monoxide. Tobacco and its smoke contains 4000 different chemicals. Among these, 900 are dangerous for human health.

More than 500 poisonous chemicals are the main cause of cancer. The six most dangerous are;

Benzene (a product of petrol)

Ammonia (used in dry cleaning and washroom cleaners)

Formal Dehaid (chemical used for protection of dead bodies) and Tar Coal.

Diseases Caused By Smoking

  • Smoking of tobacco cause hardness in blood veins which cause a heart attack.

  • Smoking causes breathing diseases in which Bronchitis and Emphysema are notable.

  • Smoking cause brain stroke (isedemic stroke) in which the brain can't receive enough blood and Haemorrhagic stroke in which there is a jeopardise of breakage of blood veins.

  • Smoking also affects the lungs. Almost 90% of people suffering from lung diseases are smokers.

  • Women smoker are preyed by breast cancer, Oesophagus cancer, Stomach Cancer, Liver cancer and Kidney cancer.

Psychological diseases like depression, lividness, mental disabilities are also ‘gifts’ of smoking.

Given the adverse effects of smoking has not only on the smoker but on people in the surroundings, a smoker should think a 100 times before lighting a cigarette.

It is a hard nut to crack but proper implementation e.g. via hefty taxes on tobacco and campaign on various platforms can solve the problem.

"One Cigarette, One Man And One Match' Can Burn The Whole World"

The writer is Studying at Government Post Graduate College Bannu. He takes keen interest in writing on social, political and academic issues. He aspires to become prolific writer and serve Pakistan by joining the civil services through CSS.He is a staunch nationalist and patriot.