Mengal Stresses On Political Solution of Balochistan Issue, Warns Against Becoming Part Of US-Iran Conflict

Mengal Stresses On Political Solution of Balochistan Issue, Warns Against Becoming Part Of US-Iran Conflict
ISLAMABAD: Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal stressed the need for dealing with the Balochistan situation politically, saying “we have already suffered enough loss in the last 35 years due to the ‘gun policy’ which didn’t achieve positive results”.

Addressing a press conference, Mengal said unfortunately, nationalists in Balochistan were brought to the Parliament in the past, ignoring the “elected representatives”.

The BNP-M chief said the Balochistan issue wasn’t treated seriously carried in that tenure and they were equally responsible of the current situation which was a threat to the stability of the country.

“The establishment and political parties didn’t learn from the 9/11 and Afghan war consequences and today we are ready to provide services to a new conflict in the region as we always preferred financial aid, not the peace and prosperity of our own people,” he said.

Mengal warned that “if we become part of the new conflict [between the US and Iran], it will not only damage the cause of Balochistan but also ruin the peace of the country”.

About the hostile relations with the neighbouring countries, he said the civilian governments and the elected people had no command on formation of foreign policy which had always been framed by the powerful establishment.

Mengal said budget in Pakistan was always drafted by elite at the cost of the people. “In the recent budget, more funds have been allocated for Balochistan but I will never claim that this is a people-friendly budget as no one asked the people about their needs,” he remarked.

Only 0.7 per cent amount under CPEC was invested on the people of Gwadar, which wasn’t less than a joke.

Mengal said their demand was to release the 5,000 missing persons whose details had already been shared with the government.

Commenting on meeting with opposition, he said every democratic move would enjoy his party’s support just like they had backed the opposition on the MNAs’ production orders and the issue of the Public Accounts chairman. “We believe in democratic values,” Mengal maintained.
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The author is a reporter based in Islamabad.