Malik Riaz's Nephew Misuses Power, Police Refuse To Act

Malik Riaz's Nephew Misuses Power, Police Refuse To Act

Business tycoon Malik Riaz's nephew Nasir Malik reportedly ordered his guards to open fire on General Secretary of Kennel Club Pakistan (KCP) after losing a dog show at Jilani Park on Sunday. The club's president Colonel (r) KM Roy lodged an FIR of the incident, but it named the victims of the firing as 'aggressors'.

Although video evidence suggests that dozens of men had attacked members of the executive committee, the police were allegedly pressured not to register the counter FIR of the wounded general secretary. The incident is being described as yet another case of misuse of power by the business tycoon's family.

Last year, two family members of Malik Riaz broke into the home of a local fashion model Uzma Khan who allegedly had an extramarital affair with her husband. Notwithstanding the public display of assault and abuse, the women who had attacked the house went scot-free after an out of court settlement was made with the model. Recently, Malik Riaz was caught red handed by National Crime Agency in United Kingdom for money laundering but National Accountability Bureau (NAB) seemed least interested in investigating the incident. This shows the power of the real estate magnate over the state.

The bizarre event that happened last Sunday at Jilani Park was not a one-off event, but readily connected with a chain of events indicating the collusion between Malik Nasir and president Roy. It was told that Malik Nasir, a new dog lover, wanted to get the permanent membership of the Kennel club. The permanent membership of the club is exclusive and at the moment only stands at 500.

According to the constitution of the club, only the executive committee of the club can decide permanent memberships. Malik Nasir acquired a temporary member of the club a few years back and since then he wanted to be the permanent member of the club. With the help of President, he tried to overrun the procedure. However, after the resistance of some members the matter was forwarded to the committee, but he was not able to get the 2/3rd majority of votes required to be a permanent member of the club.

It is important to note that executive committee is elected by permanent members and after becoming a member Malik would have become eligible running for the office too. Amidst these chain of events, Malik developed a personal grudge against some of the members whom he blamed for not approving his membership.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Bar Council condemned the 'false and frivolous' FIR registered against Nassrullah Khan Sahi advocate.

The culture of collusion and impunity reflected in these events speaks volume about the situation of law and order and justice in Pakistan. The rich use their money to silent voices, bend rules and buy influence, while office holders sitting in powerful positions provide their services of abusing laws and rules to them. Civil society should step forward and raise voice against this impunity.