Expert Warns Coronavirus In Pakistan Entering Third Phase

Expert Warns Coronavirus In Pakistan Entering Third Phase
President of Pakistan Infection Control Society, Dr Rafiq Khanani, has warned the people that the country is ‘rapidly’ entering in its third phase of the deadly coronavirus, known as ‘Lag Phase’. He said that the number of infections could cross 200,000 in the first two weeks of June.

According to a news report published in The Express Tribune, the doctor stated that the transmission of the virus has been aggravated in this phase due to the carelessness exhibited by people in the last 10 days of Ramzan. He expressed the belief that Pakistan would continue to witness the severity of the pandemic until September.

“The situation may even worsen during the next two weeks, but the public is still not taking it [the pandemic] seriously. With over 3,000 infections reported in Pakistan in a day, matters have become alarming both for the public and the government,” Dr Khanani said.

He pointed out that government hospitals were slowly reaching their capacity due to the increasing number of cases, leaving people with no choice but to approach private hospitals. He added that patients were now also facing issues such as the non-availability of ventilators as well as other facilities required for Covid-19 patients at private hospitals, while their movement from hospital to hospital in search of facilities was further aiding the spread of the fatal virus.

According to Dr Khanani, only 40,000 beds are available for a population of 47.5 million in Sindh – along with only 16,000 doctors, which is approximately one doctor for every 12,000 patients.

“Pakistan, having the weakest healthcare system in Asia, adds to the jeopardy due to the non-availability of facilities in hospitals,” he worried.

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