Saviors of the Agenda and the Warriors of Fifth Generation

Saviors of the Agenda and the Warriors of Fifth Generation
Some friends say that when they visit some social media website, they feel that they are present in Faizabad sit-in but the stage is exclusively occupied by political parties. But I try to remind them that there is nothing new in it; this circus has been going on for centuries. This time the ballot of these puppets looks offensively awkward only due to social media, otherwise this drift is a part of public memory that election symbol, ‘Book’, was used as a metaphor for the Holy Scriptures to press for votes. No one has forgotten that ‘woman’s right to rule’ was called an anti-Islamic concept, and the people giving political favor to a woman were warned of annulment of their marriage contract. And as we go back; election symbol, ‘Sword’ was dubbed as the replica of Zulfiqar, the famous sword of Hazrat Ali. The parties which play the card of Interest Based Global Financial System have been the main beneficiaries of Afghan Jihad. No one has any exception here; all are cast in the same mold. Enlightenment and liberalism are purposefully trampled down in politics.

In our political arena, every political party, resorting to an opportunity, triggers a wave of frenzy which enables it to redeem its past follies. Not long ago, blasphemy card was played against Khursheed Shah. Responding to a petty statement, Karachi walls were blackened. Rallies were brought out to call down his alleged blasphemy.

Pervaiz Rashid was forced in a TV talk show to such an extent that he had to give oral proof by reciting rudiments of faith.

These are politicians. But can we forget how in this country, the embodiment of principles and voice of the weak, Asma Jahangir was repeatedly nagged by political parties and media, only because of her faith?

A channel doesn’t have ads but it spits venom day and night

At the coldblooded murder of Mashal Khan, we couldn’t gauge the extent of seething extremism which is smoldering our state and our social fabric. A few bloggers were picked up from their homes and a TV channel which doesn’t even have ads but spits venom day and night, poisoning societal perception and pluralism, endangered the lives of their families. Perhaps it is run on Paranormal Assistance. ‘Traitor’ is a buzz word here. Declare any person an atheist, though God doesn’t deprive him of sun and rain, but for you he is liable to death. You have license to kill and make his corpse a sign of shocking disgrace.

Client forces with zero performance in political field consider themselves successor of a killer

Presently, the development witnessed during the last five years manifests that client forces with zero performance in political field consider themselves successors of a killer who killed Governor of Punjab while on duty as his guard. Scale the river from any side, the basics don’t change. At first, shoe hurling practice was introduced at D-Chawk, followed by slow but gradual manipulation of Mumtaz Qadri factor into a particular narrative normal, and then after three years of untiring efforts, the issue of oath form on finality of Prophethood was capitalized on by political parties, sectarian groups, political orphans, news channels and media houses. They injected their poisonous effects in the veins of the entire system.

At first, a 16-member subcommittee was formed, followed by a 34-member Parliamentary Committee which was comprised of members from all political parties, to work on the draft. These committees met 125 times. Leave this debate aside that no one could see any blasphemy in the oath form at that stage, the point to ponder is that Sheikh Rasheed who fired up emotional frenzy in the assembly with his roaring bombast, was himself a part of the committee which inked the draft. And keep in mind, be it Sahibzada Tariqullah of Jamaat Islami or Dr Alvi, Shireen Mazari and Shibli Fraz of PTI, all attended the meetings but none of them ever objected to any provision. None could see any slip-up except the provision pertaining to the party leadership by a disqualified person. It was not an official bill but the report of Parliamentary Committee. When in the Senate, the change in oath was pointed out, government promised to revoke the change but these political parties didn’t help it out. And today, these parties are politicizing this issue in the gatherings, on their posters and banners.

It has also become a part of history that when a sectarian group raided on the Capital from Punjab, the government of Punjab did nothing to hinder the insurgents. When twin cities were made hostage, political parties involved in electoral reforms stood by the black-mailer. The government failed to explain that the provision being exploited for dirty political purpose was unanimously approved by all political parties in both Houses.

Our army chief had to share his Umrah pictures to forestall the allegations of Sajid Mir

Situation was pressed to such an extent that an intelligent and well-bred Law Minister was forced to resign only to pacify raw ego running rampant. Should we forget the statement issued from the ISPR? Should we forget what Khadim Rizvi said? He claimed, “They assured me of all likelihoods”. Should we also forget that instead of punishing the rioters for their nefarious designs, the state signed an agreement with them through a major general? Should the people forget that religious pundits of a shrine conspired to stop crackdown against the rioters, and then they provided platform to a politician in their Milad Conference? Our army chief had to share his Umrah pictures to forestall the allegations of Sajid Mir, just as Zahid Hamid was seen performing Umrah a few hours after resignation. PML-N didn’t take any action against Sajid Mir to caution others. Anyhow, PML-N didn’t silence even Captain (r) Safdar who was glorifying the killers on the Floor of the Assembly.

Punjab Government sent its representative to kowtow Pir Sialvi who calls himself the Lajpaal (the Providence). Only Rana Sanaullah took a firm stand, otherwise Pir Sialvi was assured that Rana’s faith would be scrutinized in the committee formed by Sialvi. State and its institutions have left no stone unturned to demoralize the people and undermine upcoming generations. And now the election campaign is doing the rest.

The Guardian of Finality of Prophethood and the Great Warrior

These days, such kind of guardians of Finality of Prophethood and the Great Warriors are seen on the posters. Calling up their past and present, one could only laugh or curse at these hypocrites. I am eye-witness of the rehearsal in the by-elections of NA-120 which is going to feature turmoil in the upcoming general elections.

The Grandsir of Kashmir Jihad and the Victor of Faizabad

Two budding political parties kept spreading religious hatred, sectarian bigotry and anarchy on the Temple Road, Lahore, on mighty sound systems, but our state institutions connive at them, allowing all kinds of floodgates to open and ravage. One is the partisan of Kashmir Jihad and the other is the victor of Faizabad. But the same institutions harass social media users, calling them the fifth generation warriors.

Sure enough, these are ultra-right-wingers, but I have not forgotten the antagonistic posters of Yasmin Rashid. Citing holy verses and using religious card, these posters threatened not only political rivals but also all those who voted her rivals of exclusion from Islam.

It was all a rehearsal which was vindicated as a public activity within social norms. Its drop scene would be seen on the night of July 25. It must be remembered that a few weeks ago, Ahmadi’s worship place was attacked and demolished in Sialkot. Two brothers involved in the raid have been given tickets by a political party, whereas the person who issued forth the ‘historical sermon’ was the candidate of the same party in Azad Kashmir elections.

The wise minds have expounded that this raid was done to bag a particular kind of vote bank. Whatever the net result, it’s clear that if people remain silent and don’t defy this dejection, suppression and poisonous effects of religious politics, there would be many Salmaan Taseers and many Mashal Khans in the years to come.

The author is popular for her citizen journalism on social media and writes for various top online publications in the country.