Is Dancing And Celebration In Pakistan Reserved Mostly For Men?

Is Dancing And Celebration In Pakistan Reserved Mostly For Men?
Islamabad’s Quaid e Azam University celebrated Holi this week. They danced to Ho Jamalo, the Sindhi folk song. Students rejoiced about how everyone celebrated together: Sindhis, Baloch, Punjabis, Seraikis, Baltis, Pashtuns. In a time when universities are being over taken by fear and bigotry, the celebration of Holi was appreciated by many. But while many were jubilant over the celebrations, others asked two questions.

1. Horrific, new reports of Hindu girls being forcibly converted to Islam, and married to Muslim men are making the rounds. Was this the right time to ‘celebrate’ Holi? Some say, it was a way to show our Hindus brothers and sisters solidarity. Others say, it was an insensitive and untimely celebration.

2. Where were the female students during the celebration, is the second question people are asking. “They are around. Filming. Check the shed to the right of the video. Why they are not joining in in the revelry is a question they can answer,” is one Twitter user’s response. It seems, a handful of women were present during the celebration, but they were not invited or comfortable to join the revelry.

Is dancing and celebration in Pakistan reserved mostly for Muslim men?

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