Ever been broke? You are not alone

Ever been broke? You are not alone
No one likes being broke but it is a reality many young professionals face as the end of every month approaches. No matter how sincerely one plans cutting unnecessary spending, come the last week of month, all we are left with empty pockets and even debts. But misery loves company and the feeling that one is not alone is a great boost. Following are relatable experiences that nearly all youngsters go through when they have been broke one time or another.


Abandoned travel plans

All your travel plans are restricted to the beginning of the month because, you know, after a few days, you will never have money for that.


No more partying

You keep promising yourself that from next month, you will not go to parties and pubs.



Counting pennies

You start calculating the money spent on useless stuff and imagine how you would be feeling if you had avoided that.


Ignorance is bliss

You refuse to even check your bank account because you feel anxious seeing the amount left.


I am just looking around

Everything at the shopping mall looks too expensive for you.


Hi mom and dad!

You start talking with your friends and parents more because deep down you know, they are the only ones who can help you.


Excuse me? Does this sign say free!?

Your eyes keep searching for the word FREE everywhere.


No I don’t think it’s too hot

Suddenly, you become extra careful about saving things like electricity, water and cooking gas.


It’s the thought that matters

You become extremely creative when it comes to gifting things and come up with great low cost solutions.


I am going to change this bank

Your card gets declined at a restaurant and you act like there is an issue with your bank and ask friends to pay the bill.


Netflix rocks

You tend to cancel movie plans and prefer web series and YouTube videos to save some money.







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