‘No Moon Sighting To Take Place Due To COVID-19, Ramzan Will Begin On April 25’

Federal Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhy on Wednesday said that Ramzan this year according to the lunar calendar will begin on April 25 and no gathering will take place to sight moon.

In a tweet, the minister took a jibe at cleric Mufti Muneebur Rahman who had earlier opposed the government’s restrictions of mass prayers during Ramzan. “Mufti Mubeeb who fails to see a moon will certainly be unable to see the tiny coronavirus”, he said.

Chaudhry, who had announced the same date for the first fast back in February as well, mentioned that there had been a plan to gather people for the moon sighting. However, it has been called off owing to the coronavirus pandemic, which health experts say can be prevented by avoiding public congregations.

He said that respected ulema should refrain from poking fun at the state’s orders of lock-down, because what will rest of the population do if the clergy does not respect the regulations.

Fawad also expressed the hope that the next year will be a better year and the government will resume the chand raat festivities.