President Arif Alvi’s Old Interview Supporting Musharraf’s Trial Censored On TV

An old interview of President Arif Alvi in which he supported former president Pervez Musharraf’s trial in the high treason case, saying that it was not the trial of the Pakistan Army, was censored on private TV channel Geo.

Journalist Hamid Mir stated on Twitter that a part of his Capital Talk programme in which he played an old interview of President Arif Alvi was censored. In the said interview, which was taken in 2014, Alvi had been asked if the trial of Pervez Musharraf was the trial of the army.

In response, he had said that there was no link between Musharraf’s trial and the Pakistan army as  Musharraf was on trial for what he had done during his presidency. He said that the trial was on his actions in 2007, not 1999, and hence, the army had no link with the matter.

He added that Pervez Musharraf wanted to keep the army involved in the matter so the army could keep backing him.

He further opined that the army was not a supporter of Pervez Musharraf.

Hamid Mir shared the clip on Twitter, asking if it warranted censorship.