FAD All Set To Release Its Upcoming Bhangra Video

The Faizaan Ahab Dance (FAD) is all set to release its latest Bhangra number featuring choreographer Syed Faizaan Ahab, model and actor Rubya Chaudhry and dance practitioner Saif Aly. FAD has already made some successful releases including Contemporary Bollywood and Traditional Garba.

The performance is featured on DJ Aamir’s upbeat dhol rendition of the song Magenta Riddim by DJ Snake and the video is directed and co-produced by MK Hadi. FAD aims to introduce Bhangra as a formal genre by adding a bit of innovation into it. It aims to revive the celebratory spirit of Bhangra by executing vigorous kicks, energetic leaps and powerful bends of the body in a choreographed fashion.

FAD founder and choreographer Syed Faizaan Ahab.

The group said that Bhangra was becoming increasingly popular around the world, and the song selection was made add a bit of international flare to the traditional dance. FAD said that Pakistanis love Bhangra, especially in Punjab, but if done in a coordinated manner, the dance form can look a whole lot more beautiful.

Model and Actress Rubya Chaudhry.

“These are exciting times for people passionate about dance in Pakistan. We are just beginning to realize the positive effects that dance has on us,” Saif Ali said.

FAD (formerly FACDS), specializes in Contemporary and Bollywood routines, providing services in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi since the past ten years.

Dance practitioner Saif Aly.

To its profile, FAD has choreographed over three hundred signature weddings, apart from providing services for Pakistani cinema in films like Janaan, and successful music videos by industry icons like Uzair Jaswal and Farhad Humayun.

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