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Zahir Was ‘Cunningly’ Trying To Get Out Of The Situation Hours After Murdering Noor: Report

Further investigations into the Noor Mukadam case have brought to light more details of the events following the gruesome murder. According to a report by Geo News, the alleged murderer Zahir Jaffer called several people up after the crime, in a bid to escape the situation.

The report quoted sources as saying that Zahir Jaffer called his father, a friend of his father’s and his own friends hours after he murdered Noor.

The police officials have been quoted as saying that Zahir was in his senses and fully aware of his actions. The accused was  “cunningly trying to wriggle free of the situation”,” police said.

The first call he made was to his father at 7.29pm. After that, he called a friend of his father’s at 7.30pm and spoke to him for 5 minutes and 46 seconds. He told his father’s friend to come to his house immediately and told him that robbers had entered their house, to which he expressed surprise as Zahir was calling him for the first time. He then called Zahir’s father and said told him that his son seems to be in trouble, asking Zakir Jaffer to check on his son.

The report further said that Zahir also called some of his friends, asking them to come over. He said to some of them that robbers had entered his house while others were told that he had been ‘attacked’.


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