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Western Diplomats Say US Never Sought Military Bases In Pakistan

Western diplomats have said that the United States (US) never asked Pakistan for military bases and stakeholders in Washington are surprised as to why this has become an issue in Pakistan when no such discussion took place in the first place.

Geo News reported that a senior Western diplomat on the condition of anonymity said that no one in the Biden Administration demanded Pakistan give the CIA access to military bases. “Despite this, the matter is being widely discussed in Pakistan,” the diplomat said.

He further said that the hashtag #AbsolutelyNot trending in Pakistan has surprised people in Washington. Geo further quoted sources as saying that US officials have conveyed their concerns regarding such news reports to Pakistan.

The issue of military bases came to the fore a few months ago. In a recent interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan said “absolutely not” when asked if Pakistan will give the US access to military bases.


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