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Passersby, Guards Saw Zahir Drag Noor Inside House But Did Nothing To Save Her

Zahir Jaffer, Noor Mukadam’s alleged murderer, has reportedly confessed to his crime. As per media reports, the prime accused kept changing his reasoning for murdering Noor.

Videos of him torturing Noor were seen on his mobile phone by the Islamabad police who also found CCTV footage of the incident. Geo News reported that the footage showed Noor trying to escape from the house by running towards the main gate and then jumped from the first floor. Noor then ran to a guard’s cabin, locking herself inside. Zahir came to the cabin and dragger her out of it as the guards as well as passerby on the road acted as silent spectators.

Noor’s family, in their statement to the investigating authorities, said that Noor had asked her driver to bring her Rs700,000 to Jaffer’s house. However, the team found no evidence that the amount was withdrawn from Noor’s bank account or taken from her parents’ house from that of any other relatives.

Meanwhile, the accused’s physical remand was also extended by another two days.


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