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Local Clerics Bar Women From Visiting Bazars Without Male Companion In Parachinar

A group of local clerics in Parachinar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has barred women from visiting shopping centres without a male companion.

Express Tribune quoted residents of the area as saying that the organisation named Hussain Tehreek comprising clerics and local elders has shared the order on its Facebook page and it was also disseminate by its members. They further said that the local elders seemed to have taken inspiration from the current events in Afghanistan where Taliban are imposing restrictions on women.

In Afghanistan, the districts that have fallen to Taliban are witnessing restrictions on women with Taliban telling them to wear a burka in public and not leave homes without a male companion.
The Hussaini Tehreek is headed by former Senator Maulana Abid Hussaini who is said to be an influential individual in the area.


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