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Afghan Women Lawmakers Urge Pakistani Counterparts To Raise Voice Against Abduction Of Envoy’s Daughter

Afghanistan’s women parliamentarians have written a letter to the women members of Pakistan’s National Assembly, urging them to raise voice for Afghan women’s rights in the wake of abduction of Afghan ambassador’s daughter.

“We believe that the women of Pakistan will not wish for us what they will not wish for themselves,” the letter from Afghanistan Women Parliamentarians Caucus reads. Afghan parliamentarians further said in the letter that the news of Silsila Alikhil’s abduction came ‘during the heightened tensions’ between the two countries.

The letter notes that the national tone in Afghanistan is that the Pakistan government is ‘rooting for their favourable regime in Afghanistan against the wishes and aspirations of the Afghan people’. The Afghan women parliamentarians also termed the kidnapping of Silsila Alikhil an attack on human rights and women rights as well as a ‘gross violation of diplomatic norms’.

The letter concludes with a wish for ‘prosperity and freedom for the women of Pakistan’.


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Naya Daur