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Ulema Board Directs Textbook Publishers Not To Publish Diagrams Of Human Figures ‘Without Clothes’

The Textbook Publishers Association (TPA) has revealed that the Mutahida Ulema Board (MUB), one of the bodies that will be reviewing textbooks before publishing, has directed that the words ‘interest’, ‘markup’ be expunged from the mathematics textbooks. Further, some religious scholars have also barred the publishers from printing any diagrams or sketches in the biology textbooks showing human figures ‘without clothes’.

Dawn quoted TPA President Fawad Niaz as saying that the Single National Curriculum (SNC) will reinforce the class difference in the education system instead of removing it. He added that these basic concepts need to be taught which would become impossible if such directions are issued.

‘Hefty fee’ for publishing NOC

The TPA has urged the government to ask the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) to grant them no objection certificate, saying that the ‘hefty fee’ imposed for publishing textbooks under the Single National Curriculum (SNC) is unfair.

The association demanded withdrawal of the fee and maintained that it would further increase the prices of the books. According to TPA president Fawad Niaz, the books’ cost will go up to 300 per cent if the fee for reviewing textbook under the Single National Curriculum is imposed.

As per the new system, the publishers will have to pay a total Rs140,000 to the PCTB and its book review committees in exchange for an NOC for a book. Mutahidda Ulema Board (MUB) is among the bodies that will have to be paid by the publishers.

According to the Textbook Publishers Association, the new system requires them to pay Rs45,000 to the Mutahidda Ulema Board (MUB), Rs80,000 to external review committees and Rs15,000 to the PCTB if they need an NOC.



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