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    India-Bound Air Ambulance Makes Emergency Landing At Karachi Airport

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    An India-bound plane on Tuesday made an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport Karachi Tuesday for refuelling.

    According to details, an air ambulance carrying an Indian patient from Iraq made a landing at the Karachi airport for refuelling. After being refuelled, the air ambulance was allowed to leave for its final destination, Kolkata.

    This is not the first time that an Indian plane has landed in Pakistan, although both countries have imposed a ban on each other’s flights from using their airspace.

    On March 02, an Indian plane made an emergency landing at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi after a man passed away while flying from Sharjah to Lucknow. The pilot of an Indian airliner had to force the plane to make an emergency landing to deal with the situation at hand.

    The pilot sought permission from the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) after communicating the situation. Later, the pilot was allowed to make an emergency landing on humanitarian grounds.

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