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Haripur Teenage Girl Allegedly Stoned To Death By Grandfather For ‘Honour’

A teenage girl was reportedly stoned to death in the name of ‘honour’ by her grandfather in a village in Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Police said that the accused confessed to the murder and was subsequently taken into custody.

The mother of the slain girl told the police that she had been residing in Khalabat Township with her husband and daughter for the past few years.

She stated that her father-in-law took her teenage daughter to his house two days ago and the next day her father-in-law came to their home and told them that their daughter had ‘eloped’ with a man, lamenting that he was unable to stop her.
Upon searching for his daughter, the victim’s father found her tortured body in the Kani Kot village on Sunday.

The complainant said that the victim’s paternal grandfather Muhammad Yasin murdered her daughter.


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