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Former AJK PM Barrister Sultan’s Son Faces Charges Of Fraud, Illegal Occupation

Barrister-Sultan with Imran Khan

Fahad Sultan – son of ruling PTI President Azad Kashmir and former Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mehmood – has been booked in two Islamabad courts on charges of illegal occupation of a house in the Posh area of ​​Islamabad, fraud, and illegal selling (of the house). The first case was registered in a local court in Islamabad over the petition filed by the daughters and wife of Dr Humayun Khan, a retired Foreign Ministry officer from Peshawar. The local court held the first hearing today against the accused Fahad Sultan in a non-payment of rent and illegal possession of a house case.

Abbas Khan, son of Senator Dilawar Khan, has filed a second case of fraud against Fahad Sultan in a local court in Islamabad. Dr Humayun Khan’s family has also been made a party to the case, which will be heard on June 22. The petitioner told the court that he is the real owner of the house located in Posh Sector F-8 of Islamabad. In December 2019 he rented his house to Fahad Sultan for Rs 325,000 per month who paid him in advance the rent for six months.

The petitioner has clarified in his application that after the completion of six months in July 2020, Fahad Sultan gave him two cheques of Rs 975,000 as advance rent payment of six months. One cheque of Rs. 975,000 was cashed while the other was returned by the bank due to lack of money. Fahad Sultan handed over another cheque of Rs 325,000 which was also rejected by the bank due to lack of money. The petitioner clarified that Fahad Sultan has not paid any rent since September 2020 and more than Rs 2 million has been collected on him.

According to the petitioner, when he tried to approach Fahad Sultan at his official address to settle the matter, he had left the place. Later on, when he reached his house at F-8, it was revealed that Fahad Sultan had sold the house to someone else. The petitioner said that Abbas Khan, son of Senator Dilawar Khan, was living in his house and told him that he had bought the house from Fahad Sultan for Rs 23 crore. It is to be noted that the federal development agency (CDA) informed the court that this house located in F-8 is still in the name of Dr. Humayun Khan’s family.

Fahad Sultan’s lawyer told the court that his client would pay a month’s rent today, after which the court adjourned the case till June 22. In the second case, Abbas Khan has petitioned the local court of Islamabad that he had bought the house in F-8 from the first party Fahad Sultan and from the second party, Dr Humayun Khan’s wife, for Rs. 23 crore (230 million). He had already paid Rs. 8 crore in advance and will pay the remaining amount after the allotment. The petitioner maintained that he had an agreement with the first party Fahad Sultan to buy the house and thus paid him the required amount. But now he wants to deviate from the agreement and evict the plaintiff illegally.


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