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Balochistan Education Minister Plagiarises Resignation Letter Of A Civil Judge

Balochistan Education Minister Sardar Rind who recently tendered his resignation appears to have plagiarised parts of resignation letter of a civil judge which had gone viral in 2018.

Sardar Rind, who is member of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), wrote in his resignation letter that some individuals within the provincial government were interfering in his districts and abetting ‘unlawful elements’. He also accused Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan of provoking and patronising his opponents.

“We are the coalition partners in the provincial government but not the corruption partners,” he wrote.

Further, he said that the chief minister did not show interest in the new development schemes he suggested.

However, the last part of the letter is plagiarised from the resignation letter of a civil judge in Lahore who resigned in 2018. The judge’s resignation letter had gone viral on social media due to his tremendous writing style.

Last page of the provincial minister’s resignation


Civil judge’s resignation tendered in 2018


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