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APS Attack Survivor Asks Haters To Stop Comparing Him With Malala

Army Public School (APS) attack survivor Waleed Khan, whose pictures are often shared by social media users saying that he did not get the same recognition as Malala Yousafzai, has responded to the haters. In a series of tweets, Waleed Khan urged people to stop drawing comparison between Malala and him. He also termed the Nobel laureate an inspiration and shared that Malala’s family has been supportive of him throughout his journey.

In an apparent response to those who say that Malala left the country while the APS attack survivor did not have the means to go abroad, Waleed Khan clarified that he was already living in the UK for his treatment as well as education.

Malala’s father Ziauddin Yousafzai responded to his tweets and said that he was proud of him.

“You are a promising young man with incredible bravery and moral integrity. We are one family. Proud of you,” he wrote on twitter.

Malala Yousafzai is once again being unfairly criticised on social media after her remarks about marriage in the recent Vogue interview. Photos comparing Waleed Khan and other children affected by the APS attack with the Nobel laureate had been doing the rounds.



  1. Khan June 4, 2021

    Non-news. Naya Daur simpling for Malala the neoliberal puppet as usual

  2. Tensil June 5, 2021

    Khan, what is your 1.5 inch problem? You seem to be posting all over Naya Daur on Malala. Why are you so jealous? What trauma have you experienced in life to be so bitter and spiteful? Focus on your self before it’s too late and you end up joining groups like TLP (who knows maybe you already are chanting Labaik Labaik like a mindless idiot). People like you memorize words like “butt hurt” “neoliberal” and start engaging in polemics. You become self styled Islamic keyboard warriors who have no clue what they are talking about. But you know the sad truth, people like you belong in the dustbins of human history. You are mentally sick and full of tatti. Go back to the hole from whence you came. Just sod off.


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