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Ahmadi Graveyard Attacked In Sheikhupura As Extremists Try To Stop Woman’s Burial

An Ahmadi graveyard in Sheikhupura was attacked by extremists who attempted to stop the burial of an Ahmadi woman.  The incident took place in Safdarabad area of Sheikhupura.

When the Ahmadi woman’s dead body was brought to the graveyard for burial, a mob of extremists attacked the graveyard and tried to stop the heirs from burying the woman there due to her Ahmadi faith. The Ahmadi community members present on the occasion put up resistance and managed to finish the burial process.

The burial took place while the extremists were fighting the members of the community inside the graveyard.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar’s Focal Person Azhar Mashwani wrote in a tweet that police and members of the administration reached the site as soon as the incident was reported. He further told that the complainant have withdrawn their application against the incident after ‘resolution of [the] issue’.

Mashwani also quoted the district administration as saying that two different areas have been demarcated for both communities’ graveyard as per an agreement between elders of both communities.

Earlier in December, a 2-year-old Ahmadi girl’s dead body was also refused burial in a village of Gojra, Punjab. The villagers had told heirs of the deceased child that Ahmadis cannot be allowed burial in ‘Muslim graveyards’.


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