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Muslim Nurses Take Over Church Inside Lahore Hospital, Threaten Christian Nurses

LAHORE: Muslim nurses at Punjab Institute for Mental Health last Tuesday took over the church at the hospital that was used for service on Sundays reportedly after a controversial video uploaded against Pakistan by an unidentified person from France. The contents of the video are not being shared here to avoid further controversy.

The Muslim nurses at the hospital were so infuriated, they took over the church and threatened their Christian colleagues with blasphemy cases if they failed to raze the church and convert to Islam.

The dispute went on for almost two weeks after which a 15-member negotiating team brokered an agreement with the help of senior doctors and Father James Chaman. The two parties agreed that there would be no further statements issued from and the parties won’t file any further complaints against each other.

Muslim nurses take over church in Lahore Mental Hospital

15-member negotiating team that brokered the peace

It has been reported that although the two parties have reached a compromise, the police and relevant authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

Political rights activist and Huqooq-e-Khalq Movement leader Dr Ammar Ali Jan wrote on Twitter that ‘the government had failed to take action against members belonging to majority community who attacked victims belonging to a minority community. Victims were left with no choice but to compromise with the aggressors.’



  1. Hasham Emmanuel May 6, 2021

    But we are quick to shout equal rights in Christian countries? Start by treating Christians right in Pakistan and lead by example.

  2. TanveerZaman Khan May 6, 2021

    Pakistan is moving towards further extremism and state seems to be helpless. or it could be an encouragement to militant extremists to be heavy handed on minorities. Otherwise Blasphemy case must have been registered against those involved in this attack and taking over the church. Disgusting and shameful

  3. Bhasin May 6, 2021

    Why proselytizing has become big business? Converting others , especially with threats 8ntimidation and deprivation of basic human rights is in itself speaks volume of bigotry of Converters and followers of religions alike.

  4. religion free world May 6, 2021

    Very succinctly put. What will be the right word, Christian phobia, non-muslim phobia or KAFIRphobia?
    It seems we the Muslims have more phobia of anybody who us a non-muslim . We were not born as religionist. Birth is an incident. A child born in Muslim family if brought up in a christian family from day one of the birth will not be a Muslim till he is told by a Muslim and vice versa. Let we be humans first, religionists LAST or never! Think!

  5. Javed May 14, 2021

    Very unfortunate situation. I still can’t believe it has happened. Why the Government is not taking any action?


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