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FWO Officials Allegedly Kidnap Gilgit-Baltistan Minister, Threaten To Kill Him

Officials of Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) were on Monday booked on charges of manhandling Gilgit-Baltistan Health Minister Haji Gulbar Khan, GB Assembly Member Fazal Rahim, their gunman and driver. The alleged incident took place on Gilgit-Skardu road which is under construction.

The health minister lodged the complaint saying that he and his son, bodyguard, driver and GB lawmaker Fazal Rahim were travelling to Gilgit from Skardu in his official vehicle when FWO officials misbehaved with them and later abducted and tortured them.

He added that the road was being repaired due to which it was closed for traffic in the Roundu area. According to the minister, the FWO officials told them that the road would be reopened at 5:30 PM, after which he and his fellow travellers got back to the Astak checkpost to wait for reopening of the road.

He further said that they found the road closed even when they came to the spot at 5 PM, and they then parked their car on the roadside. The minister said that the FWO officials misbehaved with them for parking their car and told them to leave. When the driver told them that two GB ministers were inside the official car and that the vehicle had national flag on it, the officials used derogatory language against ministers as well as the national flag, the minister stated in the FIR.

Some FWO personnel came and took us to a nearby camp where they tortured us physically, he claimed. The minister said that they were held in captivity for two hours and were forced to sign a truce document. He also accused the FWO officials of threatening to kill the minister and his companions.

Some police officials, according to the minister, later arrived and freed them.


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