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Ex-Foreign Service Officials Term PM Imran’s Remarks On Pakistan’s Embassies Unwarranted

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s public rebuking of Pakistan’s embassies and working of the Foreign Office abroad has led to a sense of resentment among serving and former members of the foreign service of Pakistan who term the criticism unfair.

Three ex-foreign secretaries criticised the PM’s remarks. Former foreign secretary and envoy to the US Jalil Abbas Jilani, Tehmina Janjua and Salman Bashir reacted to the development and said that the PM’s comments were unwarranted.

Ambassador Jilani said that the country faces decades of neglect, political paralysis and resource constraints. “What is needed now is a renewal of diplomatic capacity, resources, appreciation and an effort that balances ambition with growing difficulties at home and abroad,” he said.

Tehmina Janjua said that there seemed to be woefully inadequate understanding of the embassies’ consular work.

Salman Bashir also termed the PM’s criticism ‘misplaced’.

Senator Sherry Rehman, who served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US in 2012-2013, echoed the sentiment.


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