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CAA Launches ‘Investigation’ Against Couple For Kissing On AirBlue Flight

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is holding an investigation against a couple for allegedly kissing on a local AirBlue flight after a passenger filed an official complaint with the authority.
Reports indicate that the fellow passengers complained when they first saw the couple kissing in the fourth row on the PA-200 Karachi-Islamabad flight. Following complaints from passengers, the air hostess asked the couple to stop, but they did not comply.
Passengers claim that when confronted, the couple told them, “Who are you to tell us anything?”

Meanwhile, social media users have termed the development ‘absurd’, saying that there was no need for an ‘investigation’ over a couple showing affection to each other. Many have also pointed out that when men commit violence against women, it is considered the family’s ‘private matter’, yet a little display of affection seems to hurt the society.


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Naya Daur