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    Bahria Town Officials Open Fire On Villagers For Resisting Land Grab

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    Bahria Town has once again resorted to attacking villagers in Malir in an attempt to occupy their land. It has been reported that Bahria Town officials opened ‘straight fire’ on the villagers due to which two of them were injured.

    Karachi Bachao Tehreek, a campaign against demolition of working class settlements, called on the authorities to act against the perpetrators. They also said that police were working alongside the land grabbers who are beating up the villagers.

    Videos doing the rounds on social media show injured residents and people running amid gunshots.

    Last week, a resident of Malir had told Naya Daur Media that Bahria Town officials came with their machinery to occupy 24 acre of his land and when he protested and tried to resist, he was surrounded by the company’s employees and severely tortured.

    “A few well-suited men ordered the officials to beat me up to clear the way for Bahria Town’s machinery. Later on, the police took me in custody while I myself saw Bahria Town’s people pressuring the policemen to lodge FIR against me,” he said.


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